We’ve been too busy to update the News section lately but will do so soon! In the meantime, for more up to date news, check out Rob’s Instagram HERE


We are in production on a series of three video portraits of Makers working at the Generator Maker space. Check out Vermont’s Generator Maker Space here  Makers


The new Inspirational Video we produced for Seventh Generation can now be seen on their “careers” page here careers, direct link to the video here Inspiration


North Star was selected to screen at the 2015 ITV fest as part of the New England Online Film Festival showcase.


Over 300,000 views on one of the videos we produced for Seventh Generation. check it out here: Link to Video

New England Online Film Fest Launched

2015 Online New England Festival launched today. Watch the films and vote for my short, THE NORTH STAR simply by viewing the film. Check out he festival site HERE and a direct link to THE NORTH STAR, HERE

New England Online Film Festival

Rob Koier’s short film, THE NORTH STAR is an official selection for the New England Online Film Festival. Find out more info HERE and check out the festival trailer HERE


Strength of the Storm rebroadcasts on VT PBS on August 27th at 8pm.


Check out a short “Web Extra” from the “Connect” VT PBS interview here


Strength of the Storm will rebroadcast on the Main PBS series, “Community Films” on September 17th at 10 pm.


Check out a new interview with Rob Koier on the VT PBS show, “Connect”, on VT PBS August 15th at 9:30pm and August 16th at 10:30 am. You can also watch the Connect Interview here


STRENGTH OF THE STORM airing now on VT TV Network in Southern Vermont.


Rob Koier’s award winning short, NORTH STAR will air at the 2015 White River Indie Film Fest (WRIFF) in the “Short Films By Local Filmmakers” Showcase. Check out the line up for this year’s WRIFF here WRIFF 2015


STRENGTH OF THE STORM airs on the Maine PBS Community Films Showcase (MPBN).


Just got news from folks at SEVENTH GENERATION that the video we Produced for them has just reached 98,000 views on you tube. Check out the video on you tube hereĀ VIDEO


Rob Koier Films recently completed a commercial for the launch of a new product for the international company SEVENTH GENERATION. Check out the video on their web site HERE.


STRENGTH OF THE STORM has been picked up for international broadcast by PRESS TV for broadcast in english, spanish and arabic.


STRENGTH OF THE STORM airs on VT PBS PLUS this week in honor of the three year anniversary of Hurricane Irene.


STRENGTH OF THE STORM screens Thursday August 28th at 7pm at the Vermont Folklife Center (88 Main Street, Middlebury, VT) in honor of the third anniversary of Hurricane Irene.


Rob Koier Films recently travelled to the deep south in rural Mississippi to Produce a new video for SEVENTH GENERATION. The video promotes a new product which contains un-bleached, all natural cotton.


Footage Produced by Rob Koier and Directed by Mark Covino, acclaimed Director of A BAND  CALLED DEATH, is now part of an episode of American Greed on MSNBC. For more information check out the article here


Write up in USA TODAY about NORTH STAR and the other selected films for the 2014 Online PBS Film Festival. Check the article out here


Rob Koier interviewed on VT PBS along with Executive Producer Nora Jacobson and fellow filmmaker Dorothy Todd for the VT PBS premiere of “Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie”. Check out the video here


Great article in the Burlington, Vermont paper Seven Days about “Strength of the Storm”. Check the full article out here

WCAX Interview

Sharon Rae Quinn and Rob Koier interviewed live for the February 21st screening of “Strength of the Storm” on “The :30” a weekly news program on WCAX.  Check out the interview here 

New England Film Article

A new article about Stowe Story Labs 2013 just came out on newenglandfilm.com. It features interviews with founder David Rocchio, participants Johnny DiGeorge and Rob Koier and a theme related pitch of one of Koier’s new scripts, “Love Hate”.

Check out the article here and the Facebook page for “Love Hate” here.


“Strength of the Storm” will be showing as part of the Vermont Filmmaker’s Showcase in the 2013 Vermont International Film Festival. For more information about the festival go here.

VT Movie Interview

Rob Koier and Dorothy Tod, both Directors of short segments in “Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie” are interviewed live on WCAX. Check out the interview here  and more information about the six part movie and the upcoming sixty-six screenings here


The Vermont Movie premiers September 27th at the Barre Opera House.  This begins a state-wide tour of all six parts of the film. Rob Koier worked on several segments for this film, check out one here and visit http://thevermontmovie.com to find out more information about the film and it’s upcoming release.

Inventing A New Genre

Peter Belsito, a founding member of IFP(Independent Filmmaker’s Project) and Film Finders reviewed Rob Koier’s feature length script “The Little Death” and described Koier as having “invented a new genre”. He also said that It is very entertaining, I laughed a lot and appreciated the attitude – very street, New York, young and in your face.–And a sweetness and dead on humor that I appreciated as well.”  


Rob Koier’s feature length screenplay, “The Little Death” has been accepted to the screenwriting competition at Oaxaca Film Festival for 2013. Heading to Mexico September 21st to 29th to attend.

7 Day Journey

Recent videos we made for Seventh Generation are being promoted on their facebook page. Check out their new campaign, a 7 Day Journey into natural beauty here: 7 Day Journey


We were in Rhinebeck, NY, last week filming interviews for an upcoming web series about chronic pain in America and America’s addiction to pain medication. 

Bina Meets VCAM

We just finished up a three camera shoot with Bina 48 at VCAM‘s studio in Burlington, VT. The footage will be used for an upcoming ebook about Bina 48 and Lifenaut and for an upcoming New York City theater piece called “Love Machine” by Brooklyn based IMA. Check out the video for the performance here: http://vimeo.com/58938114

Green Mountains

Strength of the Storm will be shown on March 17, 2012 at 4pm at the Green Mountain Film Festival. After the film there will be a panel discussion with the mobile home park residents featured in the film and filmmaker Rob Koier. For more info about the film festival visit: http://www.greenmountainfilmfestival.org/ and to see the new, upgraded web site for the film visit: www.strengthofthestorm.org

More Bina

Some stills I took for Lifenaut last summer were featured in an article about Bina48 in a Norwegian magazine.

Strength of the Storm

On August 28th, 2011, tropical storm Irene devastated many communities across southern and central Vermont. One week later, The Vermont Workers’ Center, a local non-profit, hired me to document the recovery effort. A very powerful story of a community coming together and organizing to create change emerged out the wreckage. I made a five minute trailer and a fifty-five minute long film about the recovery effort at Weston mobile park in Berlin, Vermont. More than just a film, this was a transformative experience for myself and the people that became the main characters of the movie. Their courage and resilience in the face of disaster is inspiring.

For more information, upcoming screenings and to see the five minute trailer visit http://www.strengthofthestorm.org/ and to find out about The Vermont Workers’ Center’s ongoing Put People First campaign visit http://www.workerscenter.org/
The original score was written by Elm Audio, check out his web site here: http://elmaudio.com/

Bina 48

A video we did last year for Lifenaut on the advanced friendship robot, Bina 48 just reached 13,564 views on youtube.

You can see the video here: http://youtu.be/XaDB4HmV8yk

One Seed

RKFP was recently hired to create opening and ending credits for a music video produced by Seventh Generation. The song, called “One Seed”, was written for Seventh Generation by children’s music artist, Laurie Berkner and perfromed by The Laurie Berkner Band. We made the opening and ending credits featuring an animated lady bug created by Nicolo DePierro. You can see it here: http://www.seventhgeneration.com/learn/video/laurie-berkner-makes-music-seventh-generation or on their You Tube channel here: http://youtu.be/Qx-9hfcKx6s


RKFP is editing a feature length film for visionary Director Mac Parker. The film is called Birth of Innocence. It charts the loss and recovery of our connection to our own unique inner-self. The film invites the audience out from the compulsive hyper-activity of modern media culture and allows them to enter a deeper, quieter space within themselves.

Remembering Edna

We recently produced a short documentary for Law Line of Vermont about southern Vermonter and low income advocate Edna Fairbanks-Williams. Check it out at the link below:


Sci Fi Movie

A feature length science fiction film (2B/Transhuman) that RKFP was hired to re-edit is now being shown as a “pitch-cut” to American and International film financiers. We were hired by Terasem Media and Films to re-structure, tighten the film and generate new sound design and visual effects. We worked with MoonBase9 Design on the visual effects. The film stars Kevin Corrigan (The Departed, Pineapple Express), James Remar(The Warriors, Dexter) and Jane Kim (Tie A Yellow Ribbon). Check out www.2bmovie.com or www.terasemfilms.com to find out more about the film.


Just finished up editing a film about a school in cambodia for Director Allan Nicholls. The school is run by a non-profit called Caring For Cambodia. For more information about Caring For Cambodia and their programs check out www.caringforcambodia.org

Check out the video on vimeo: http://vimeo.com/16836430?ab

film fest

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS a short documentary we produced last year is playing on October 24th at 04:10 pm at Palace Cinema Nine in Burlington, VT. It’s part of the VT International Film Festival. www.vtiff.org

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS is a short, highly stylized documentary about the tumultuous 1820s Anti-Masonic Movement and the current state of Freemasonry in Vermont. This film is excerpted from a feature length documentary about Vermont’s Independent spirit, called Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie. The feature length film is currently in post-production. For more information go to www.thevermontmovie.com


Over the summer, we produced an animated video about Ignaz Semmelweis and his discovery of germs for Vermont company Seventh generation. It’s being featured on their You Tube channel at this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8EkNJgc0nY

Cannes 2010

Finished up a new draft of my feature length script, “The Little Death” just in time for Cannes Film Festival. Bruce and I will be there May 12-22.


I’ve started writing a new script called “Animal Highway”. It has a car, two people and animal masks in it.


My stack of old or half written scripts.

80 West

This is a new photo series of places I saw and people I visited on my recent cross-country trip in January. An attempt to merge landscape with allegory.


Another shoot for Seventh Generation last week at the MRF recycling center in Williston, VT. A very loud place.

New Promo Video

Finished a new promo video for Seventh Generation. They’re launching a new disinfectant based on thyme oil. The short version can be seen on the video page of this web site.



Just finished a twenty four minute rough cut of a film about last month’s show at the Firehouse Gallery, “Human = Landscape” for Burlington City Arts and The Energy Project. http://www.energyprojectvt.com/

New Doc

Green Valley Media donates to our new documentary.



Just received permission to use music by famous estonian composer Arvo Part in “The North Star”. This is a short film about a fugitive slave escaping from the south to Vermont that is part of The Vermont Movie. All of the narrated text was taken from original fugitive slave memoirs from the 1830s and rearranged/re-edited. You can see the film on the videos page. (www.thevermontmovie.com)

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

RKFP mentioned in Seven days by Randy Smith from Tiger Style Studios. Big article on Randy and the new Spider iphone game.


Destroyed House and friends

A few stills from an ongoing photography project about destruction and creation, some of which can be found on the “photography” page of this website.

Behind Closed Doors

Finished new 17 minute cut of a documentary about Freemasons and the Anti-Masonic Movement in Vermont, called “Behind Closed Doors”. It’s one segment out of twenty or so for a film about Vermont called “The Vermont Movie: Freedom and Unity”. See www.thevermontmovie.com for more information.

MFDOJ Music Video

Steve Williams from My First Days On Junk wanted to do a music video for the band that replicated scenes from Jean Luc Godard’s 1960s new wave masterpiece, “Breathless”. The result is this three minute music video for MFDOJ’s “Count Me in, I’m Good to Go”. Check the video out here: http://www.robkoier.com/music-videos/